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MHB SL30®: Gusto MSC, Schiedam, the Netherlands

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Steel glazed doors & screens for indoor use.

The MHB SL30® profile system perfectly fits MHB’s vision:

More light!

The Gusto MSC project perfectly illustrates MHB’s desire to meet architects’ challenges to build more complex, creative and innovative designs. The combination of large glazed surfaces with a sightline of only 30mm results in exceptionally light and slim constructions.

Transparency and fire resistance best describe the Gusto MSC project. Total project surface: 833 m²

The requirements regarding fire resistance have been tailored to fit the Gusto MSC project’s strict specifications. In addition, the SL30® doors and screens have been tested for fall-through safety and equipped with Gusto MSC project-specific safety glass solutions.

Various innovations have been applied to the SL30® series in order to meet the project’s functional requirements such as strength, fire resistance and glass confinement while maintaining the same appearance: a slim steel sightline. Besides fire and smoke resistance, the SL30® system has also been successfully tested for sound resistance.

SL30® is the slimmest steel doors and s profile system in the world and is currently available in fire resistant types EW and EI within the European Union.

Fire Resistance EU

The MHB SL30® system is tested and certified in accordance with EN 1634-1 for doors and EN 1364-1 for glazed screens.

Classification in accordance with NEN-EN 13501-2

Single and double leaf doors: EW30, EI2 30, EW60, EW90 and EW120

Glazed screens: EW30, EI30, EW60, EI60, EW90 and EW120

Smoke Resistance EU

The MHB SL30® system has also been extensively tested and certified in accordance with EN 1634-3.

Classification in accordance with NEN-EN 13501-2: Sa (smoke at ambient temperature) and S200 (Smoke at 200 degrees Celsius).

Noise reduction EU

MHB sound-insulating doors and screens meet the latest standards and were recently tested by Peutz. MHB has sound-insulating doors with Rw values up to 43 dB for doors and up to 47 dB for glazed screens; all of these are certified by Peutz in accordance with ISO 10140-2: 2010. With our special calculation tool we are able to predict the sound-insulation of virtually every customer specific configuration, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

In January’s newsletter MHB will reveal her planned first market introduction of 2017.

This introduction focusses on the United Kingdom, so stay tuned to hear it first!

Smoke Resistance EU

according EN 1634-3

Sound resistance EU

according ISO 10140-2:2010

Fall-trough safety EU

according custom-made projects

Besides the Gusto SMC project you can click on the pictures to see examples of projects that have been achieved using MHB’s SL30® system.

MHB SL30®: Gusto MSC, Schiedam, the Netherlands

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