Some benefits of stone wall panels in bathrooms

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How bathrooms have been turned into nests where people may go back to a slower life and be closer to nature

No longer simply functional spaces, bathrooms have become rooms for personal care that may answer to different needs, tracing a strong connection between nature and technology in order to improve people's wellness. Design together with technological and stylistic advances revolutionise this space, focusing on detail and perfection to go beyond the simple functionality of the products and fulfil the people's need to go back to a slower and more natural life, getting closer to their deep essence.

The use of stone wall panels may make it easier to reach this purpose. Indeed, interior stone wall panels convey a strong sensation of authenticity, bringing nature indoors and making, at the same time, the space healthier and safer: natural stones are not inflammable, they do not get electrostatically charged and do not encourage the development of bacteria and fungi. In this nest, people may feel more comfortable, take off from their daily tasks and just relax, surrounded by this natural frame.

Natural stone wall panels make the space alive because they are alive, as well; they are capable of reacting to the external solicitations, turning into something different over time, gaining a new charm that evokes a whole story, a story that is an evolution, too. What's more, the use of cutting-edge technology and on-going research and experimentation made possible to progress into marble processing, creating stone claddings that combine nature and progress into a unique stunning product, easy to use and able to enhance the space experience by simply surrounding its owner by amazing, harmonic beauty.

Among the pictures, some bathroom projects where our interior stone wall claddings were specified:

- The "James Bond Powder Room" project by ODP Architecture and design with our "luxury 2" marble wall covering from the "Luxury" collection in pierre bleue and silver leaf.

- A residential project by ACC Interiors with our "lembo" marble interior stone wall panel from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection.

- The "Residence Le Provençal" project by Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners with our "cubo" stone wall panels from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection.

- The "Villa A" project by OMA with our "terra" stone wall panel from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection.

- A private residence project by Casa Forma with our "luxury 2" stone wall panel from the "Luxury" collection in pierre bleue and gold leaf.

„James Bond Powder Room“ Projekt durch ODP-Architektur und -entwurf mit unserem „Luxus2" Wandverkleidung










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